Control your Lighting like Never Before!

The all new ColorChase Lighting System is the most advanced LED control system from Flashtech Lighting. Flashtech Designed the App to work with all Colorchase lighting products which uniquely enables control over both static colors and preset moving patterns.

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Let your Imagination Run Wild

Flashtech's Colorchase lighting system smashes the boundaries of lighting control with
industry leading features such as the ability to select static colors and preset moving

What pattern will you choose?

With over 200 preset preset patterns, your imagination can finally have a canvas of its

  • Custom color wheel with unlimited static combinations.
  • 200 preset patterns to change your lights into an incredible moving light show.
  • Adjust speed and brightness instantly with easy to use slider controls.
  • True white setting enables both warm and cool white options.
  • Complete control from your Iphone or Android smartphone.

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